Welcome! The Center for Origins Research and Education (also known as CORE Research or CORE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research and public education in the areas of creation, origins of life and earth sciences. We attempt to answer questions like:

  • What happened to the dinosaurs?
  • Where did life originate from?
  • Did life evolve from non-life?
  • Does the scientific evidence support evolution?
  • Is the universe billions of years old or thousands?
  • Is there any evidence for the Biblical Noah's flood?

In the past 25 years the scientific evidence supporting Biblical creation and the subsequent flood of Noah has continued to build. It is our purpose to see this material made available to more people in an accurate and compelling way.

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These are projects and activities CORE Research is involved with:

1. Educational TV programming -- CORE sponsors educational TV shows on The Creation Network as part of it's ongoing origins educational effort.

2. Educational Books and Videos -- CORE makes available a number of origins and earth science books and tapes as part of it's ongoing origins educational effort.

3. Talks and Seminars -- CORE representatives can be scheduled to present multimedia talks and seminars on a number of creation subjects at your organization, school or church.

4. Projects -- CORE is involved with projects investigating and researching current issues regarding creationism, orgins, and earth sciences.

The Creation Foundation is a non-profit organization, supported by viewers, project partners and folks like you. If you are interested in financial support follow the link to the Donations page.

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